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        Jinyajade plant is located in a "world state" reputation Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, where beautiful scenery, outstanding, a good place for tourism, leisure. The factory has many years of practical experience ... more
          I plant to welcome interested customers come to discuss business cooperation! And sincerely welcome new and old customers to sample processing. The Jinya Yu plant to promote national culture as its mission to create the first brand of Chinese national culture process as the goal. May the friends at home and abroad
        Carved agate bracelet
        Agate handicrafts
        Jade wall
        Bracelets necklaces
        Jade brush
        Jade fitness ball
        Jewelry box
        Hand mirror magnifier
        Phone package
        Jade massage
        Phone fall
        Copyright: Pu Cun the the Zhuozhou Jinya Yu Arsenal Address: Hebei Province, the Zhuozhou Sun Township Technical support:AXZ  LOGIN
        Tel :0312-6672253, 3,789,099 Email: zhangjunzhong@163.com Website the: http://www.www.shutthatbitchup.com Zip code: 07400